Since 1998 Solution Services Inc has partnered with small business owners to bring their presence to the internet. Our name says it all...we bring solutions...we provide outstanding services! In today's world, finding outstanding customer service is a challenge. We take great pride in our customer satisfaction and responsiveness to their needs.

Experts Agree...
There are key design characteristics that are critical to getting the visitor to take action and digging deeper into your website. You probably already understand these characteristics.



We say what we will do...we do what we say. Just ask any of our customers. We care about small business...because we ARE a small business!


Over 30 years of focusing on "the customer" face to face, and providing solutions that result in customer satisfaction.

No "techno wizard" here. We don't talk techie when working with clients. Each website designed with the visitor in mind, and we help manage your budget!

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CNC Computers

CNC Computers have been building and servicing the computers for the Gray Sarge since 1999! We highly recommend them for top quality products and the very best in service! They specialize in Home and Small Business Needs. Forget those "big box" Dean today and tell him the Gray Sarge sent you!



Please note that CNC Computers is not affiliated with Solution Services. We do however, highly recommended their services and they are our vendor of choice for all our computer needs.


Why Us


"The website is fantastic! So much more solid and professional the way you've designed it and put it together; it just feels a lot more solid to look at it!! Thank you so much for being so great at what you do, and having the knowledge and talent to be able to design this so well. I am very grateful to you for that, and for your being able to schedule it in so quickly.... Like a knight-in-shining-armor, you galloped up to our rescue! Thank you so much!"

--- Wendy, Loving Hugs Inc     

Payroll Finders - Payroll Services Locator
A GraySarge Website
A service to help those looking for an
independent quality
payroll services provider

Searching for "payroll companies". Our Payroll Finders site is #1 on Yahoo, #5 on Google. We can help you with your website by following proven steps to optimize your website for search engines. VISIT Payroll Finders if you are looking for a quality payroll company.


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